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Ten years of Hamas rule in Gaza: Some facts everyone should...

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist organisation, Hamas wresting control of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority. Since then the small strip has been disproportionately in the news, not least for the three wars with Israel that Hamas has provoked.

The PA Succession Struggle

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas made new appointments to the Fatah leadership on February 15, 2017, and also named a deputy Chairman of the movement. He did not, however, solve the problem of the Palestinian succession struggle for the chairmanship.

Fatah and Hamas announce unity – for at least the eighth...

In recent weeks, much has been reported about a proposed Fatah-Hamas unity government. "Fatah and Hamas to form unity government" reads the headline from Al-Jazeera. However, this headline falls short on two accounts. First, this new reconciliation attempt is only the latest of multiple similar reconciliation attempts - we count eight previous times in all, below. Second, it is very unclear that any real and meaningful reconciliation agreement has in fact been reached this time round.