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As Parke doubles down on “Israel Lobby” accusations, ALP needs to...

Melissa Parke remains a leading member of WA Labor Friends of Palestine. Her influence, limited though it may be, should not be allowed to degrade her party’s long-time support for strong ties between Australia and Israel.

Dangerous Israel obsessions in the ALP

Is the ALP heading down the road of its British counterpart, where the party has been rocked by scandal after scandal related to amply documented claims of antisemitism since Jeremy Corbyn took the leadership in 2015?

AIJAC says negotiations, not unilateral actions, key to peaceful Israeli/Palestinian future

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) strongly agrees with the principle of negotiations aimed at achieving a peaceful, secure future for Israelis and Palestinians, and on that basis is concerned at parts of the resolution adopted by the Australian Labor Party's National Conference.