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Europa Europa: A Pyrrhic Victory

The Sahel is now so unstable that European leaders cannot predict when their troops might be brought home. In these lawless lands, the jihadists are inexorably winning the battle for control of territory.

Deconstruction Zone: Time to designate Turkey a sponsor of terrorism?

For most countries, it would be unthinkable to support, let alone supply, al-Shabaab. Except for Turkey.

A Life-Saver Downunder

Dr Ejigu Yayehyirad Mekonnen, known as “Dr Yayu”, who trained with Save A Child's Heart in Israel, and is set to become Ethiopia’s first paediatric heart surgeon

Essay: Still Alive and Kicking

Al-Qaeda remains a threat. Its operatives are fighting in more countries around the world today than was the case on 9/11.

AIJAC expresses regret over cancellation of asylum-seeker deal in Israel, and...

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council today expressed its regret over the cancellation of the arrangement between the State of Israel and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) to regulate the standing of migrants seeking refugee status in Israel.

Behind the News – April 2017

The Nigerian Government this month declared the Iranian-sponsored Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) a security threat. The Nigerian network is similar to other welfare systems established by Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed groups. It boasts more than 300 schools, Islamic centres, a newspaper, guards and a "martyrs' foundation", and is said to be encouraging significant numbers of Nigerians to convert to Shi'ism.

The Last Word: Stars over the Desert

"This is the Hamsa. This is the Hand of Fatima. This is (hesitation) a star".

In a typical Moroccan jewelry shop, the proprietor was discussing the recurring motifs in his necklaces, rings and decorations. The "star" was a Magen David, the well-known Jewish symbol.

The jewellery, religious ritual items and artworks on sale were a reminder of the once large, vibrant Jewish population of the Kingdom, and the shopkeeper's words a reminder of the conflicted attitude of many Moroccans towards that population, Judaism and Israel.

Essay: Bibi the Strategist?

In June, the Israeli journalist Amir Tibon wrote an article for Politico detailing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's long-standing and bitter fights with Israel's defence leaders. Former IDF chiefs of staff and spymasters described Netanyahu as messianic, driven by personal calculations, and incapable of protecting Israel's interests. His former defence minister, Moshe Yaalon, said the Prime Minister's conduct had caused him to lose faith in Netanyahu, and ex- Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin said he "represents six years of constant failures."

Israel’s diplomatic spring

Israel, in short, had always had at any given time at least two friends within the Turkish-Iranian-Egyptian triangle. In 2012, however, all three were at odds with the Jewish state.

Four years on, the tables have turned.

Back into Africa

In February Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced, "Israel is coming back to Africa." In July, he followed through on this commitment by visiting Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda...

Interestingly, each country Netanyahu visited has a unique connection with Israel: Uganda and Ethiopia have historic Jewish communities; Rwanda experienced genocide; Kenya and many others are battling Islamist extremist forces. By understanding the complexities and uniqueness of each nation, Israel is hoping to reap the benefits of improved relations.