Home Ed: 44: February/2019

Ed: 44: February/2019

Essay: Arafat and the Ayatollahs

Although the heady days of February 1979 would soon give way to tensions, the Palestinians were integral to both the Islamic Revolution and to the formation of the Khomeinist regime.

Noted and Quoted – February 2019

An ABC report wrongly inferred that Israel is spearheading the development of predictive intelligence software to identify potential terrorists

Europa Europa: Hatred in the air

The gilets jaunes are, apparently, leaderless and their grievances largely inchoate, apart from their obsession with antisemitic sloganeering. The movement was sparked by an increase in fuel tax, but nothing seems capable of assuaging their anger

The JCPOA, three years on

Three years after “implementation day” for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal with Iran in mid-January 2016, the question “how has the deal held up” is highly warranted.

Media Microscope: Bethlehem blues

With media attention understandably focused at Christmas on Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus, it gives propagandists a ready-made opportunity every year to present gift-wrapped anti-Israel messages in the hope an excited media will share them with the world

Aviv Kochavi’s toughest assignment

From a security perspective, Kochavi's tenure begins in a stormy, unstable period, when the IDF’s strategic and operational environment continues to be marked by vast uncertainty.

The Last Word: Beached Fails

They failed to have their “messages” reach an audience of any size, with most media attention given to the failure of some of them to understand that the Nazis were the enemy Australia fought against, not fought alongside, and to the attendance of Senator Fraser Anning

Behind the News – February 2019

Israel has acknowledged that it was responsible for airstrikes against Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria on Jan. 20 and 21. 

Deconstruction Zone: Time to designate Turkey a sponsor of terrorism?

For most countries, it would be unthinkable to support, let alone supply, al-Shabaab. Except for Turkey.

Scribblings: Refugees Reconsidered

The question of the Palestinian refugees from the 1948 war is an enduring stumbling block to a two-state resolution.