Home Ed: 44: August 2019

Ed: 44: August 2019

Biblio File: The Flight from Reality

To steer readers through the labyrinthine world of modern Jewish thought, Jewish anti-Zionism, competing strands of Zionism, antisemitism, Arab politics and the evolution of the global Left, and enable us to come out both enlightened and liberated, is an altogether exceptional achievement.

Deconstruction Zone: The Pogroms of the Middle East

A look at developments in the Middle East over the past decades gives the clear impression that the region is becoming “cleansed” of minorities, especially the Christians who have inhabited it for millennia. The process is reminiscent of what happened to the Jews of the Arab countries...

Israel’s Great Media Migration

There is a new breed of Israeli politician. After generations of being disproportionately dominated by three broad types – “princes”, technocrats, and generals – Israeli politics has come to attract a growing number of journalists. 

Noted and Quoted – August 2019

  ABC war on Bahrain? The Trump Administration’s “Peace to Prosperity” conference in Bahrain in late June – attended by a range of Arab countries that...

Asia Watch: The Song Remains the Same

The groundswell of disgust that ushered out Malaysia’s corruption-riddled Barisan Nasional government in the 2018 elections brought with it high hopes for sweeping reform. That hope has now turned to deep disillusion...

Appeasing Khamenei was the real aim of the JCPOA

The main idea behind the JCPOA was to “normalise” relations with Teheran in order to appease and moderate its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Media Microscope: Diverse perspectives, all the same

The preponderance of air time given by the ABC to pro-Iran nuclear deal policy talking heads made a mockery of the national broadcaster’s ostensible commitment to offering a “diversity of perspectives”.

Argentinian politics and the quest for justice 

No one, not a single person, has been tried and convicted for their role in Latin America’s worst terrorist atrocity, in which 85 people died and more than 300 were wounded.

The Last Word: In Denial

Trevor Poulton, a little known author and lawyer who had earned praise from Fredrick Toben (Australia’s best-known Holocaust denier, notable for serving time in German and Australian jails for his writings on Jews), publicly touted his support for an effort to have a Jewish member of parliament thrown out of office.

Europa Europa: Unsafe space

According to a poll conducted for the London-based Jewish Chronicle, nearly 40% of British Jews would consider emigrating if Corbyn became prime minister.