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Ed: 43: September/2018

Is a long-term truce for Gaza imminent?

If Hamas does reach a long-term ceasefire deal with Israel, the terror group insists it will be obligated to cease rocket and mortar fire, but nothing more.

Behind the News – September 2018

ROCKETS AND TERROR More than 180 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel on Aug. 8 and 9, 30 of which were downed by Israel’s...

The Price of a Nuclear Weapon

In almost every aspect investigated by Juneau and Ravazi the result is the same and the cumulative bottom line is clear: “the costs of Iran’s nuclear program have exceeded the benefits.” 

Scribblings: The Rewards of Mass Murder

Ahed Tamimi is not a girl who lost her temper against some soldiers and then said some unwise things, but a product of that systematic promotion of terror. Her family are professional activists and she has been brought up not only to serve as a tool in their campaigns...

Five months of Gaza turmoil

Hamas’ desire to terrorise Israel and thus be relevant, and the fact that Iran is also funding Hamas and wants it to be a thorn in Israel’s side, is part of a larger struggle in which each side seeks some strategic gain...

The Last Word: Pernicious, Pervasive and Poisonous

What I was hearing from them was that, behind closed doors, attitudes which were more identified with far-right racists were not uncommon and that these were to a degree validated by obsessive anti-Israel monomania – and by others quite happy to treat Jews as political footballs.

Humanitarians or Hamas sympathisers?

Numerous question marks have been raised about the conduct and associations of Islamic Relief Worldwide. In fact, the organisation was banned from operating in Israel and the West Bank in 2014 after the Shin Bet found evidence Islamic Relief Worldwide provides funding for Hamas...

Truce or Consequences

Israel does have a short to medium term strategy for Gaza, which like most other strategies contains inherent contradictions and has to be relevant in an extremely complex situation.

Editorial: The Oslo Years

Given the last 25 years, it is not surprising that many political actors, inside and out of Israel, are now thinking “outside the box” about a post-Oslo way forward.