Home Ed: 42: September/2017

Ed: 42: September/2017

Biblio File: Getting Settled

Biblio File: Getting Settled

Sara Yael Hirschhorn's City on a Hilltop starts with two eminently reasonable premises. First: If you want to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you must understand Israeli settlers, since they're one of the players. Second: If you want to understand the settlers, you must move beyond the popular caricature of them as ultra-nationalist, ultra-religious fanatics, since most are neither.

Noted and Quoted - September 2017

Noted and Quoted – September 2017

Narendra Modi's historic first time visit to Israel in July by an Indian Prime Minister was not unnoticed in Australia.

On ABC Radio National "Between the Lines" (Aug. 3), American Enterprise Institute fellow Sadanand Dhume explained the import of Modi's visit, saying, "This is really a revolution in Indian foreign policy... Not only did Modi visit Israel but he did not visit the Palestinian territories during that visit. He and Netanyahu were virtually inseparable during the course of Modi's visit and what Modi is essentially saying is that India is a big enough country, is a confident enough country to pursue its national interests with Israel and the Arab world and others are just going to have to suck it up."

Recognisers need to recognise reality

“Recognisers” need to recognise reality

Recent Australian Labor Party and parliamentary motions to immediately recognise "Palestine" will have zero impact on the lives of Palestinians, leading Israeli journalist Avi Issacharoff told an Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council media lunch in Sydney recently.

Media Microscope: Over the Balcony

Media Microscope: Over the Balcony

Former Australian Middle East correspondent John Lyons' often one-dimensional and factually-challenged memoir, Balcony over Jerusalem, detailing his six-year stint in Israel, generated considerable TV and print coverage.

Media interest homed in on the book's wild accusations that Australian Jews, including AIJAC, campaigned against him and other journalists for merely reporting "the facts".

Essay: The Path to Self-Righteous Hatred

Essay: The Path to Self-Righteous Hatred

Among Palestine's progressive supporters... we are seeing a manifestation of the same perverse phenomenon George Orwell had observed among Western Stalinists at the end of the Second World War. Communism was believed by its adherents to be a more ethical and just system than capitalism and nothing Communist states actually did would be allowed to capsize this foundational moral judgement - not the gulags, not the famines, not the purges, not the pitiless persecution of free-thinkers and dissidents...

Behind the News - September 2017

Behind the News – September 2017

Hamas is holding summer camps in the Gaza Strip, which are being attended by 120,000 children and teens, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute. The motto of this year's Hamas summer camp was "Marching on Jerusalem."

AIR New Zealand: Political drama

AIR New Zealand: Political drama, and policy obscurity

New Zealand elections have never hinged around foreign policy, and this one is no exception.

This leaves Jewish Kiwis who are keen to get a handle on where prospective parties might sit with regard to Israel, rising antisemitism, and the controversy over New Zealand's co-sponsorship of one-sided and vehemently anti-settlement UN Resolution 2334 in January struggling to find answers.

Asia Watch: Staging Points

Asia Watch: Staging Points

The heightened activism has many regional analysts concerned that IS-affiliated militants are set to infiltrate and exploit the ongoing sectarian violence in Myanmar, as they are now referencing the conflict in IS media channels.

Deconstruction Zone: How Al Jazeera empowers Islamists

Deconstruction Zone: How Al Jazeera empowers Islamists

When I accepted a job as Cairo bureau chief for the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera English television news channel in September 2013, I demanded and was assured that my team would remain independent from the network's Arabic channels.

Bibi's legal travails deepen

Bibi’s legal travails deepen

Facing multiple police investigations and now also the enlistment by police of a state witness against him, on Aug. 9, an embattled Binyamin Netanyahu fronted 3,000 members of his Likud party who flocked from across the country to the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. They heard him deliver a Trump-like diatribe against his perceived enemies.