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Ed: 41: June/2016

Israel and Singapore - out of the shadows

Israel and Singapore – out of the shadows

While, in the past, it was always kept low-key, Israel and Singapore have a deep and enduring relationship that has lasted more than 50 years. Not only do these two small but prosperous states at opposite ends of Asia have extensive cooperation in commerce and defence trade, but they share a profound political alliance whose roots can be traced back to the founding of Singapore in 1965. Today, that previously quiet and low-key relationship is finally coming out of the closet.

The Last Word: Not Just Rhetorical

The Last Word: Not Just Rhetorical

By misusing and abusing Holocaust terminology, one risks not only being and sounding morally and intellectually offensive, but giving succour to the very people one purports to stand against.

From Ya'alon to Lieberman

From Ya’alon to Lieberman

Nine of incoming Defence Minister Lieberman's sixteen predecessors were retired generals, a background that, rather than easing their path, frequently caused disharmony.

Editorial: Democracy in Australia

With this year's long election campaign in full swing, many Australians are doubtless tiring of the often wearying daily grind of policy announcements, campaign public appearances, photo-opportunities, mutual mud-slinging, and over-analysed play-by-play journalism. Yet it is worth remembering the many blessings of Australia's democracy.