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Ed: 41: August/2016

ISIS in the Palestinian refugee camps

ISIS in the Palestinian refugee camps

ISIS is on the mind of the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership. Top PA officials have expressed concern that jihadi groups, including ISIS, have managed to infiltrate Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities are also worried - so worried that they have issued a stiff warning to the Palestinians: Stop the terrorists or else we will take security into our own hands.

The Last Word: One (Abomi)nation

The Last Word: One (Abomi)nation

Do I have Pauline Hanson on record attacking me personally, my religion or my community? No.

Does that mean I should not consider her and her followers a threat to my well-being and to the Australia I value? Definitely not.

Editorial: PM Turnbull’s mandate

Following the razor-thin re-election of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a rare double dissolution election, the composition of both the House of Representatives and Senate, with new personalities pulling in new directions, is coming into focus.

While Australia's senior leadership has not changed, the policies and priorities of the new Turnbull Government and the Parliament as a whole will certainly shape the character and fortunes of Australia as a nation in the coming years.

Back into Africa

Back into Africa

In February Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced, "Israel is coming back to Africa." In July, he followed through on this commitment by visiting Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda...

Interestingly, each country Netanyahu visited has a unique connection with Israel: Uganda and Ethiopia have historic Jewish communities; Rwanda experienced genocide; Kenya and many others are battling Islamist extremist forces. By understanding the complexities and uniqueness of each nation, Israel is hoping to reap the benefits of improved relations.

Riyadh's diplomatic dance with Israel

Riyadh’s diplomatic dance with Israel

In late July, retired Saudi Major-General Anwar Eshki led a delegation to Israel, where he met with various officials and made public statements about the Palestinian issue and other matters. The visit was highly unusual, unexpected, but not completely surprising - the General had revealed his contacts with Israel in June 2015 when he appeared in Washington alongside Dore Gold, the former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, confidant of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and soon to be appointed Director-General of the Foreign Ministry, the institution's top bureaucrat.