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Ed: 36: January/2011

Beyond the Freeze Deal

The recent announcement that the US Obama Administration has ended efforts to negotiate a 90-day extension of Israel's moratorium on West Bank settlement construction is more opportunity than embarrassment.

The Walkley Award for Fiction

Unfortunately (and unfortunately typically), McGeough's various articles about the flotilla - including the one honoured at the Walkleys - were skewed by bias and replete with factual errors.

Editorial: An overdue US policy reset

There is no reason to believe that a second moratorium on construction in settlements would have led to a breakthrough. The Palestinian Authority (PA) repeatedly asserted that it would not agree to resume talks for a mere extension of the previous freeze, which ended in September. In that phase, the PA wasted nine months of the ten-month moratorium before even agreeing to talk.

Essay: “Refugeeism”

Though pundits focus on the question of settlements or the current temperature of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, UNRWA's institutionalisation of refugee-cum-military camps is the principal obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Scribblings: The Truth About Settlement Growth

When talking about West Bank settlements, a common talking-point among those who seek to paint them as a major obstacle to peace is to claim their growth is accelerating.

AIR New Zealand: Unity leads to Shechita victory

Communal unity often comes about as a result of a polarising issue, a scandal or a tragedy. For the New Zealand Jewish community, such unity has been evident this year due to the issue of shechita (traditional kosher slaughtering practices) - and the fight against the government’s attempt to ban it.

Behind Closed Doors

The WikiLeaks documents call attention to a yawning rift that has opened up between the Arab states adjacent to the Persian Gulf and Iran.

WikiLeaks and Israel

Israel has come out in a largely positive light following WikiLeaks' staggered release of more than 250,000 classified US State Department documents. The cables, most of which date from between 2007 and February 2010, detail Arab countries' fears of Iran's nuclear program

Out of the Fire

The conflagration's duration and breadth, and the five million trees it reduced to ashes, would likely have sufficed to shock the country and touch off a commotion transcending this disaster's already grim environmental repercussions. However, the fire also took more lives than any one of the many terror attacks Israel endured last decade.