Home Ed: 36: April/2011

Ed: 36: April/2011

Oil’s Well that Ends Well

Israel has accidentally emerged with a clear long-term energy strategy: no nuclear energy, less oil and coal, and more natural gas - especially Israel's own.

Essay: “Lawfare”

The popular usage of the term "lawfare" is the use of law as a weapon in itself. Its goal is to weaken an enemy, primarily through demoralisation.

Editorial: Taking Incitement Seriously

The Itamar massacre highlighted that, for far too long, the international community has ignored or downplayed the ongoing and systematic contributions to this infrastructure of incitement by the official organs of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Last Word: A Tale of Three Cities

On a freezing February night in Paris, Cardinal Kurt Koch and Rabbi Richard Marker took turns shovelling soil outside the synagogue in suburban Raincy.

Scribblings: Legal Consequences

International law is useful. But to use it properly, the differences from domestic law must be recognised, along with the dangers of creating perverse incentives.

Deconstruction Zone: Half the Arab World

Thousands of Egyptian women decided to again march to Tahrir Square and demand their rights. They sought not to make the regime crumble, but to mark the 100th International Women's Day on March 8. These protesters were met not by armed police, but by a larger group of men who proceeded to harass and grope the women

The Making of the New Middle East

Lewis regards a dash toward Western-style elections, far from representing a solution to the region's difficulties, as constituting "a dangerous aggravation" of the problem, and fears that radical Islamic movements would be best placed to exploit so misguided a move.

Age Against The Machine

The old order has crumbled in the Middle East, and it will never be the same again. But what made it crumble? The experts who had been arguing that the youth in the region constituted a listless generation that did not care about freedom and democracy have been proved wrong.

Assad under Fire

Nonetheless, the question in Syria now is whether the genie of losing one's fear of the regime is indeed out of the bottle. For the time being, there is no unequivocal answer.