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Ed: 35: November/2010

Mr. Ahmadinejad goes to Lebanon

Despite the celebrations, the emotional speeches and the tens of thousands of people who came to see Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the southern Lebanon town of Bint Jbail on Oct. 14, it is far from clear whether his visit helped or hurt his Hezbollah proxy.

“The Other Miliband”

Britain's Labour Party has suffered two cruel blows over the past six months. First, it lost power after 13 years in office. And then, following a protracted campaign to replace the defeated Prime Minister Gordon Brown, it found itself with Ed Miliband as its leader.

Editorial: A Jewish, Democratic State

A furore has erupted in Israeli and foreign media over Israel's self-description as a Jewish and democratic state, its demand that Palestinians recognise this as part of a final peace and a proposed amendment to an existing oath of loyalty for naturalised Israeli citizens to include the phrase 'Jewish and democratic state.'

Essay: Modern Martyrdom

Increasingly, the role of martyrdom has taken a central position in violent campaigns conducted by Islamic groups. The suicide bomber has become the ideal of Islamic martyrdom, simultaneously appalling Western audiences and captivating Islamic ones.

Scribblings: Linkage Exploded

One of the most pervasive myths about the Middle East is "linkage", the belief that the Arab-Israel conflict is the key to solving all other Middle Eastern problems, from the Iranian nuclear program, to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to international terrorism, ethnic strife...

The Last Word: The Jews did it!

A common nonsense spouted by individuals and organisations who seek to delegitimise, defame or destroy the standing of Israel is the claim that Israel's behaviour/existence is the principal cause of antisemitism.

AIR New Zealand: Turning Green?

Following the success of the Greens in the recent Australian federal election, it seems timely to review the experience with New Zealand's Green Party over recent years and especially its stance towards Israel and the Jewish community.
From Pyongyang with love

From Pyongyang with love

North Korean cooperation is a linchpin in Iran's development of ballistic missiles, without which progress would be retarded a very great deal. On Iran's nuclear push, the evidence is less conclusive, but North Korean assistance seems likely to be very significant to Iran’s nuclear progress to date.

The Man who Banked on Israel

In January 2005, when Israel's then-Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu asked Stanley Fischer, the President of Citigroup International to become Governor of the Bank of Israel, many people thought he was joking.

Getting Abbas to the Table

It is annoyingly predictable. When progress towards Israeli-Palestinian peace emerges, Mahmoud Abbas issues demands and threats, while world leaders scramble to appease him. So, once again, we await the Palestinian Authority president's decision.