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Ed: 35: March/2010

Bibi’s Year of Living Safely

And yet, firm though Netanyahu's position on the saddle seems, it isn't clear just where the horse under it is heading. Netanyahu's delivery of actual change has been slow at best. Unlike his stint as treasurer earlier in the decade, when he arrived at his job with plans which he lost no time putting into practice, this time he has been slow to act.

A Crossroads in Afghanistan

The capture of the Taliban's second in command in Karachi in early February has been treated in the media as a major US coup and a watershed event in US-Pakistani cooperation in the war against the Taliban. It is, regrettably, nothing of the kind.

Editorial: What kind of sanctions?

Any campaign of sanctions must now be targeted to force Iran's leaders to confront this stark choice - give up their illegal nuclear quest or risk the very existence of the Islamic revolution.

Essay: Lawrence of Judea

For generations of British Arabists, Lawrence was and remains a symbol of British understanding of and support for the Arab cause. Virtually unknown, however, is his understanding of and support for Jewish national aspirations in the same era.

Scribblings: Getting terrorism mostly right

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to study the Australian government's new Counter-Terrorism White Paper, released on Feb. 22, as closely as I would have liked before press time. However, on a quick reading, I can say that I do think it got the main focus largely right in identifying the seriousness and nature of the threat.

The Last Word: Community standards

Even in or era of heightened awareness of the harm to society inflicted by racism, many individuals in positions of authority and leadership seem completely oblivious to the nature and reality of antisemitism.

AIR New Zealand: Kiwis in Turtle Bay

In several columns last year I wrote that the diplomatic relationship between New Zealand and Israel appeared to be improving - due to the new more Israel-friendly National-led government and the imminent reopening of an Israeli Embassy in Wellington.

Fade to Green?

Khamenei had spent months worrying that the opposition Green movement would hijack the anniversary. On Feb. 11, he seemed to regain his self-confidence by proving that he could manage Teheran's streets.

What’s next for the Iranian Opposition

Supreme leader Ali Khamenei had a good day on February 11. If the pro-democracy Green movement had managed to send hundreds of thousands of demonstrators once again onto Teheran's streets, his heybat - the indispensable awe behind dictatorship - would have been finished.

A Town Called Sderot

Local and international media made much ado about the one-year anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's military operation over December 2008 and January 2009 in the Gaza Strip to suppress Qassam rocket fire at Israeli civilians. But residents of Sderot, the Israeli town just three kilometres from the Gaza border, say they can't understand what all the excitement is about.