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Ed: 35: June/2010

The Truth Teller

The current proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are premature and risk precipitating a third intifada for which the Jewish state will be blamed while Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah become the main beneficiaries, warns Arab Israeli journalist Khaled Abu Toameh.

Changing Mood Music in Britain

With the Conservatives dominant in the new ruling configuration, there are signs that the relations with Israel might be rebalanced. For although there are no evident differences in policy between the major parties, there are certainly differences in atmospherics. That is what Israeli diplomats are detecting and that is what they are fervently hoping for.

Essay: Minority Report

The debate revolved around a single question: Was the world's most respected human rights group being fair to Israel? Bob Bernstein wasn't the only person at Human Rights Watch who thought the answer was no.

Media Microscope: Over-Reaction Reactions

Sadly, many in the media overlooked the reasons why the killing was not murder, and, like our Foreign Minister, described it as such. Some also sanitised Hamas terrorist leader al-Mabhouh.

Incitement Matters

Many are quick to dismiss incitement as irrelevant to the immediate task of reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. This view is misinformed and short-sighted. Incitement helps make peace impossible.

The Last Word: Boycotts and Bigots

Just two weeks after telling the Jerusalem Post that "dialogue is essential", Costello aligned himself with the negative and destructive forces that strengthen extremism and undermine efforts at dialogue and outreach.

Scribblings: Nuclear Nonsense

The evidence offered by the Guardian does show that South Africa was interested in nuclear weapons, but the evidence that Israel was prepared to offer them such weapons is, at best, highly inferential.

Terrorist as Role Model

The Palestinian Authority has named numerous locations and events after Palestinian terrorists responsible for killing Israeli civilians. In this special report, Palestinian Media Watch investigates the breadth of this phenomenon and to what extent it continues in 2010.

Are they enough?

Israeli officials privately noted that the draft resolution lacked the tough provisions that Jerusalem believes are necessary to force Iran to rethink its policy. In this regard, the absence of sanctions targeting the energy sector is seen as of particular importance.

Back in Black: Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Revisited

Less out of conviction than necessity, ultra-Orthodoxy is joining the Jewish state. It lets women fulfil themselves professionally, it sends more and more of its men to pursue careers and even serve in the army.