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Ed: 35: January/2010

IAEA: End of an era

On December 1 Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the three-term International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director-general passed the keys to his office to his successor... He will probably be remembered as the director-general who politicised his position more than any of his predecessors.

Essay: Are Settlements Illegal?

The conviction that Jewish settlements in the West Bank are illegal is now so commonly accepted, it hardly seems as though the matter is even open for discussion. But it is.

Editorial: Time’s Up

If the US and European Union want to avoid the associated horrors of an Iranian nuclear bomb and the costs of a military attack to pre-empt it, either the UN Security Council must impose meaningful, enforceable and targeted sanctions against Iran or the US, with like-minded allies including the EU and Australia, will have to do it themselves.

Media Microscope: Cracking the Codes

AIJAC was confident that Bowen's comments were in breach of both the Codes and the Directive, so we sent a formal complaint to the SBS Ombudsman. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim the rights to the disputed land, yet Bowen clearly arbitrates in favour of the Palestinian claim.

Scribblings: The Myth about Israel and the Shoah

One of the enduring myths put forward by those who question Israel's right to exist is that Israel was established essentially to compensate for the Holocaust.

The Last Word: In Your Faith

One of the loudest Muslim commentators, however, used the issue to foster anti-Jewish feeling, with the subtle invocation of the myth of Jewish power.

Climate of Hate

Virtually every day I see one or more reports of a Jewish person being assaulted, Jewish communal property vandalised, abusive and threatening emails, offensive letters and telephone calls or abuse yelled at identifiably Jewish people from passing vehicles.

Questions about Islamist Antisemitism

Islamist antisemitism is thoroughly soaked in many of the most inflammatory themes that initially made possible the atrocities of Crystal Night and its horrific aftermath during the Holocaust.

West Bank Story

The truth is that an independent Palestine is now quietly being built, with Israeli assistance. Palestinian economic growth so far this year has been an impressive seven percent according to the IMF.

Settling for Less

In the longer term the settlement scheme as originally designed by the Likud may prove to have spent itself. With leader after leader of the major conservative party ending up at loggerheads with the settlement movement, the deeper differences between them will become more and more difficult to bridge.