Home Ed: 34: September/2009

Ed: 34: September/2009

Khamenei vs. Khomeini

The opposition is going straight to the source in their search for legitimacy, accusing Khamenei of disrespecting Khomeini's legacy and claiming Khomeini's mantle for itself.

Recession recedes early in Israel

In Israel, which to begin with arrived at the global recession well after its emergence, there is no reason to speculate - newly released data indicate that the recession here is over, thanks to a rare combination of responsibility, flexibility and some luck, too.

Editorial: Terror TV and the Public Interest

The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) opened itself up to deserved criticism in August when it apparently gave its seal of approval to al-Manar, Hezbollah's television station.

Essay: Neighbourhood Spat

An Israeli plan to build 20 housing units in the Shepherd Hotel compound in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem has added a new dimension to an already complex dispute between the Obama Administration and Israel over continued construction in eastern Jerusalem.

Scribblings: The Quality of Mercy is Strained

There are two points to be made about the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdal Baset al-Megrahi to his native Libya on "compassionate grounds" by Scottish authorities.

Media Microscope: Settling for Spin

Much of our media has taken the Palestinian line that the settlements are the main obstacle to peace. Unfortunately, not only are the settlements focused on too heavily, at the expense of the real problem - especially continued Palestinian intransigence and division - but many reports on the West Bank and east Jerusalem are becoming increasingly one-sided and exaggerated, with some bordering on hysterical.

Asia Watch: Business Interests

While there is no imminent prospect of Indonesia establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, Jakarta's longstanding political stance is no impediment to a burgeoning commercial relationship with the Jewish state.

A Victory For Abbas

On Aug. 10, Fatah concluded its Sixth Congress, the first in 20 years. Although media attention has focused on some of the summit's disturbing pronouncements, significant political developments also occurred.

Islamist vs. Islamist

It says something about the politically pathologised state of Palestinian society that Hamas - itself a murderous Islamist terrorist group bent on Israel's destruction - found an even crazier group to fight with in mid-August.

Real Numbers

Every week new reports are published on the number of civilians killed in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead. Again and again, Israel is blamed for "disproportionate casualties among civilians."