Home Ed: 34: October/2009

Ed: 34: October/2009

Essay: The Soldier and the Lawyer

In the type of conflict that the Israeli Defence Forces recently fought in Gaza and in Lebanon, and Britain and America are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, these age-old confusions and complexities are made one hundred times worse by the fighting policies and techniques of the enemy.

Media Microscope: Trash-TV lives on

Channel 9's "Sixty Minutes" has generally preferred to simply sensationalise the issues one-sidedly, employing sputtering outrage in a cheap ratings grab mixed with an ideological hatchet job.

Editorial: A Great Leap Backwards

No one was surprised that the Goldstone Report, released Sept. 15, strongly condemned Israel, and was riddled with demonstrable falsehoods and blatant bias. After all, one of the mission's investigators, London School of Economics Professor Christine Chinkin, declared Israel guilty of war crimes even before the investigation started.

The Last Word: Food for thought

Kyle Sandilands' comments were not only personally nasty to Magda Szubanski, but offensive to the intelligence and sensitivities of all listeners with a minimal degree of understanding or humanity.

Scribblings: Goldstone’s Overreach

There is one positive aspect of the ridiculous, yet still highly destructive Goldstone Report into Gaza instigated by the notoriously biased UN Human Rights Council. It went so far in accepting at face value the claims of Palestinian witnesses controlled by Hamas, and NGOs with dedicated political agendas, that it went a long way toward discrediting itself among serious people.

Europa Europa: Testing Times

Why did a closed-door meeting of top officials from Britain's Trades Union Congress (TUC) erupt into a fist fight last month?

Talking About Terrorism

A little noticed debate that has started in in the United States, Great Britain and Australia over the correct official language to apply when referring to terrorists who say they act in the name of Islam.

Hiding from the Truth

On September 15, 2009, the UN investigating commission known as the Goldstone Commission published its conclusions regarding Israel's Gaza operation (Dec. 27, 2008-Jan. 18, 2009), accusing Israel of violating both international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, and committing war crimes.

Moscow Express

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's secret visit to Moscow on September 7 sparked a wave of speculation in the Israeli media. When rumours of the trip circulated a few days later, Netanyahu's advisers confirmed that the prime minister's unscheduled trip was part of an ongoing dialogue with Russian officials to dissuade them from supplying strategic arms to the Middle East.