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Ed: 34: November/2009

A Forgotten Conflict

Yemen's increasing fragility casts a long shadow over the Middle East. Al-Qaeda's presence there, and its access to vital oil infrastructure and shipping lanes potentially threatens key Western interests. Yet the situation is almost completely unreported in the West.

Essay: How to win in Afghanistan

When General Stanley McChrystal was selected on May 11 of this year as the American and NATO commander in Afghanistan, it was by no means certain which approach he would employ. His background is almost entirely in counterterrorism.

Editorial: Listen to the Iranian People

The words of Ebadi, Mehdi Karubi and Mir-Hossein Moussavi with respect to Iran's nuclear program open up a prospect that we can hope for more than simply preventing disastrous outcomes.

Media Microscope: Questionable

It has become increasingly noticeable that while the ABC TV show "Q & A" sometimes features members of the Muslim community who are also effectively there representing their community, Jewish individuals featured tend to be those strongly critical of Israel.

Scribblings: Goldstone’s Second Thoughts

You're unlikely to have heard about it in most of the mainstream Australian media, but Justice Richard Goldstone has been taking some steps back from both the contents and the uses being made of the eponymous report into Gaza by the commission he headed for the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The Last Word: “As A Jew…”

If the self-described top-selling author was not born to Jewish parents, I doubt there would be any ambiguity in labelling his rantings as antisemitic. Instead he is one of a collection of characters who preface statements with "as a Jew", as if that gives them intellectual, philosophic or moral authority.

AIR New Zealand: UN-Focused

When the report on the United Nations inquiry into the most recent Israel-Gaza conflict was released, I immediately thought that it would be interesting to observe what type of comment it generated in New Zealand. Although Kiwis often have little time for the United Nations, the conflict itself had generated a lot of attention and heat.

The Terror Triangle

US President Barack Obama has announced his intention to conduct a review of US strategy in Afghanistan from first principles before deciding whether or not to accept General Stanley McChrystal's proposed strategy and request for more forces.

Pakistan’s Conflicted War on Terror

I picked an interesting moment to visit Pakistan: four terrorist attacks in less than a week. The first was at the World Food Program office in the capital: five killed. The second was in the Khyber Bazaar in Peshawar: more than 50 killed.

Israel’s Odd Couple

The axis that has emerged between last decade's archrivals Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak has caught everyone off-guard and come to dominate Israeli politics.