Home Ed: 33: September/2008

Ed: 33: September/2008

Essay: Dying To Kill

There are two important questions to consider in studying suicide terrorism. First, why has suicide terrorism emerged in the last few decades as such a potent weapon? Second, why is it that some terrorist groups use suicide terrorism, while others have not?

Media Microscope: Spinning Around

It is not surprising that activists on the Middle East will attempt to put a misleading spin on aspects of the conflict... It is more surprising how some journalists seem to be eager to assist them in these cynical endeavours.

Editorial: Leadership Stakes

This month Israelis will begin the potentially convoluted process of selecting a new prime minister – a process that could take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months.

The Last Word: Friends Like These

If the Free Gaza cohort cared one iota for Gazans, they would be working against, not with Hamas. Unfortunately for the Palestinians, their self-declared champions in the West care more about photo opportunities than changing lives for the better.

Scribblings: Al-Manar, Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism

In any debate about Israel and the Palestinians these days, one is likely to hear the allegation that Jews and other supporters of Israel use accusations of antisemitism to shut down, deter or deflect anti-Israel critics.

Asia Watch: A Fork In The Road

Either the prime minister's suite or a prison cell awaits Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim, depending on how events play out over the coming months.

Is It Over?

The thinning of its ranks and the loss of central direction have had an obvious impact on al-Qaeda's operational effectiveness. A new study from Simon Fraser University ... finds that since 2001, there has been a net decline of 40% in casualties from terrorism around the world.

The Triangle Talks

It was revealed in late May that Israelis and Syrians have been conducting secret, mediated peace talks in Ankara over recent months.

Israel and the Global Economic Crisis

By sheer coincidence, the international economic downturn, sparked by the American sub-prime mortgage crisis and ongoing problems rattling global commodity markets, unfolded just when the Israeli economy's performance had become the subject of universal admiration.