Home Ed: 33: October/2008

Ed: 33: October/2008

Essay: The Iranian Nuclear Challenge

A nuclear weapons-capable Islamic Republic of Iran is strategically untenable. This report is about preventing the untenable. While a peaceful, civilian nuclear program in Iran might be acceptable under certain conditions... it is the decided judgment of this group that continued Iranian enrichment of uranium... threatens US and global security, regional stability, and the international nonproliferation regime.

Media Microscope: Retreats, Retractions and Repeats

Of course, most of the time when journalists get stuck on what they mistakenly believe to be the correct interpretation, there is no budging them. SBS 'Dateline' maintains an unflinching tradition of only reporting bad news from Iraq, despite all improvements there.

Editorial: No Room For Complacency

The reduced feeling of threat is not a reason to become complacent about terrorism. As the Benbrika case demonstrates, the threat of large-scale terrorist attacks here in Australia remains very real.

The Last Word: A Matter of Opinion

Having analysed data on anti-Jewish activity in Australia, I have often observed that the most important co-efficient of increased antisemitism in Australia is increased racism in general, and the Pew Project received headlines such as "Anti-Jew, anti-Muslim attitudes rise in Europe".

Scribblings: A Trip to Poll-land

It is often asserted by pundits that both Israeli and Palestinian public opinion supports a two-state resolution. Therefore, it is claimed, it must be only the inability of the leaders of the two sides to overcome their own ambition, stubbornness and political limitations that is preventing Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Europa Europa: Of Church, Mosque and State

The fact that Islamic courts are now functioning in Britain with full judicial authority should not have come as such a surprise. No less than the Archbishop of Canterbury - the highest-ranking member of the Anglican Church - had publicly conceded earlier this year that the establishment of Sharia law in Britain "seems unavoidable".

Livni In Trying Times

By sheer coincidence, Foreign Minister Tzipi Lvini's election as the new leader of the ruling Kadima party came at autumn's height, a time when Jews traditionally look back with introspection and forward with hope. As things have unfolded, Livni has plenty of reason for both celebration and trepidation, but time for neither.

The JI Files

In the six years since Jemaah Islamiah (JI) carried out the deadly October 12 bombing of a Bali nightclub that claimed 202 lives, Indonesia has made great strides in tackling terror. But according to some of the world's top terrorism experts, the job will remain incomplete until Indonesia proscribes JI as an official terror group.

Fatah’s Journey to the Past

In recent weeks, a number of prominent Fatah figures have suggested that their movement might abandon its commitment to a "two-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and return to the pre-1988 demand for Israel's replacement by a single state in the area between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.

Europa Europa: Ethnic Cleansers

If politicians are unable to think beyond the next election, it is not surprising that even their best intentions often produce unintended consequences. And, more often than not, those consequences serve only to exacerbate the problem.