Home Ed: 33: November/2008

Ed: 33: November/2008

Media Microscope: Roy-al treatment

Each year the Australian Friends of Palestine bring out a speaker to give the Edward Said Memorial Lecture and, while they're here, to do the media rounds. Naturally, the speaker shares their views about the Israeli-Palestinian situation, but this year, they had a beauty in Dr. Sara Roy, a Jewish senior researcher in "political economy" at Harvard University and the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

Israel and the Next US President

Supporters of Israel are intensely interested in which of the two US presidential candidates, John McCain or Barack Obama, is "best" for the Jewish state. Of course, "best" is a subjective concept...

Rome and Jerusalem

The papacy of Pius XII represented a low point in the history of Catholic-Jewish relations, but several years after it ended, a theological rapprochement between Catholicism and Judaism ensued, eventually producing a political honeymoon between the Holy See and the Jewish state.

The Last Word: Lack of Debate

As Adelaide's Fredrick Toben awaits judgements on whether he will, on appeal, be extradited from the UK to Germany, and/or will be found to be in contempt of the Federal Court of Australia due to the Holocaust denial material he has published over many years, reports reached Australia of the publication in Iran, of a "100-page book of cartoons on the Holocaust".

Editorial: Election Fever

Whether the person inaugurated in Washington is Senator Barack Obama or Senator John McCain, and whoever emerges as prime minister in Israel, it is already clear that the new leadership in each country will immediately face a myriad of challenges.

Scribblings: A Diplomatic Solution

The announcement by Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith on Oct. 15 that Australia would impose new travel and financial sanctions against Iran, similar to those imposed by European countries, was highly significant.

AIR New Zealand: Key and the Kiwi Election

The members of New Zealand's small Jewish community have differing views on the domestic issues which have dominated the campaign, but nonethless have a particular interest in following the fortunes of National party leader John Key. Key would become New Zealand's third Jewish prime minister if the National party wins government.

Ballot Box Fever

This analysis looks into the events leading up to Livni's announcement, the procedure and time-frame for general elections, and the state of affairs in the three major parties - Kadima, Likud and Labor - as the prospect of early elections looms.

Crash Course

The first and most obvious reason why the Arab world is particularly vulnerable to the financial crisis is that a disproportionately large amount of Arab wealth is invested in global stock markets. Since the 1970s, the Arab world (or parts of it) has enjoyed a long windfall of oil wealth.