Home Ed: 33: July/2008

Ed: 33: July/2008

Media Microscope: On Their Lobby Horse

Bizarrely, [Loewenstein] made this claim about AIJAC not "believing in free and open debate" while debating an AIJAC representative on national television.

Essay: The Slogan That Wasn’t

"A land without a people for a people without a land" is one of the most oft-cited phrases in the literature of Zionism - and perhaps also the most problematic.

Editorial: America’s Choice and the Middle East

On the Israeli-Palestinian track, both US candidates... favour a two state resolution to the conflict. Both say Palestinian terrorism is a problem that must be solved before any Palestinian state would be viable. They also share a similar stance on continuing diplomatic isolation of Hamas...

Future Tense in Beirut

The Doha Agreement restored a tense quiet to Lebanon, pulling its rival ethnic communities back from the brink of an unwanted civil war. But, in the longer term, it represented a major step forward in Hezbollah's creeping efforts to assert hegemony over the country.

Deconstruction Zone: The Myth of St. Corrie

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which sent Corrie to Gaza, specialises in turning impressionable youths into human shields (in violation of the Geneva Conventions), so as to prevent Israel from carrying out military operations.

Race for the White House

An issue on which Obama and McCain agree is on the need to isolate Hamas unless and until it agrees to abide by the requirements set out by the Quartet: renounce violence, recognise Israel's right to exist, and agree to abide by agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority.

After Olmert

Ehud Olmert may still be manoeuvring, but practically everyone else in Israel agrees, and all dynamics indicate, that his time as prime minister is up.

Counter-Terror Contretemps

The study has since been repeatedly cited in the Australian media as having "proved" that community policing is the key to counter-terrorism. However, the empirical portion of the study cannot support such sweeping claims, and its conclusions are rejected at least in part by many of the country's top counter-terrorism experts.

The Last Word: Across the Jordan

Our host, Prince al-Hassan bin Talal, joined Prof. Swidler and Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg as discussants on a number of issues, adding experience, gravitas and his unique humour to the event.