Home Ed: 33: August/2008

Ed: 33: August/2008

Lessons and Learning

As thousands followed the coffins of IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, whose bodies arrived in Israel two years after the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, a sense of sobriety, introspection and catharsis descended on the Jewish state.

Discourse of Change

The West should understand that the democrats in the Middle East aren't necessarily pro-West or pro-Israel. However, they are willing to ask important questions... These include asking, if Israel and the Arab world basically started in the same place, how is Israel's GDP so much higher than that of the Arab world?

Editorial: Iranian Nuclear Myths and Realities

If Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions weren't clear enough before, last month's sit-down in Geneva is instructive: the Iranian delegation rejected a comprehensive package of incentives offered by the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China, all of whom had representatives there.

Essay: At the Core

It is obvious that conflict involving Israel is not the longest, or the bloodiest, or the most widespread of the region's conflicts. In large part, these many conflicts are symptoms of the same malaise: The absence of a Middle Eastern order, to replace the old Islamic and European empires.

Scribblings: Mixed Messages on Iran

In my view, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd got his policy message on Iran pretty much right the other day in remarks to Greg Sheridan in the Australian (July 19). He endorsed diplomacy as "a critical means by which to secure an outcome" but he also, according to Sheridan, appeared to agree with the American position of refusing to take a military option off the table as a last resort.

Media Microscope: Improverished Debate on Enrichment

It is interesting how many commentators think it is more dangerous to prevent Iran - which supports terror on a massive scale, has regional hegemonic ambitions and has avowed its intentions to destroy one of its neighbours - from enriching uranium than it is to let it acquire nuclear weapons.

Deconstruction Zone: True Colours

Israel and Hezbollah revealed their true colours last month. On July 16 they carried out a macabre exchange - bodies for Israel; live prisoners and bodies for Hezbollah.

The Last Word: Warm Days in Java

As I accepted my invitation to participate in the 2nd World Peace Forum in Jakarta this June, I had in mind a comment made by a participant in the 2006 World Peace Forum, that the environment had been "hostile to Jews, even antisemitic".

Europa Europa: Sarkozy’s “Club Med”

When Nicolas Sarkozy launched his ambitious vision for a Union of the Mediterranean, he spoke of creating an "arc of prosperity" stretching from Morocco to Turkey (while also, incidentally, solving the Arab-Israeli conflict).

Ballistic Blowout

Iran's missile and WMD progress have raised existential fears in Israel which have been mostly absent since 1973. Hanging over this tense situation is the question of Israel's capability of intercepting a missile attack from Iran.