Home Ed: 32: September/2007

Ed: 32: September/2007

Media Microscope: Extremist du Jour

Our media often features Palestinian advocates whose views are so extreme that one would hope they do their cause more harm than good. There are apparently not enough of these locally, so we are often subjected to overseas extremists.

The Last Word: The Persistence of Prejudice

Members of the internet social networking community “Facebook” in August saw naked, unambiguous antisemitism in comments posted to the group “FU Ajax Cricket Club”.

Editorial: Can We Talk?

Futile talks and summits can not only provide propaganda victories for rogue actors and help them portray their methods as successful.

Teheran’s Trajectory

The Jewish people cannot allow that someone who declares that the Jewish state will be wiped out, will have the means to do so.

Is Syria Serious?

Since last year, Syria has been offering mixed signals to Israel.

Thank Evans

Up until the year 2000, David Irving was the Henry Ford of the Holocaust denial industry. But a lawsuit brought by Irving against a critic effectively put a spanner in his production line of hate.

Essay: The Great Divide

The ancient divide between the numerically dominant Sunnis and a Shi'ite minority that is finally coming into its own.

Scribblings: Yvonne’s New Job

Readers may recall the visit to Australia in 2004 of Yvonne Ridley, the British journalist who was captured by the Taliban, converted to Islam, and began defending Islamist terrorism and terrorists, including the leader of the Beslan school massacre, al-Qaeda bombings of weddings in Jordanian hotels, and the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.