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Ed: 32: October/2007

The Last Word: The Pen and the Saud

On a recent visit to Lakemba, I popped in to one of the larger Islamic bookstores and enquired about texts outlining and explaining different schools of Islamic jurisprudence. The bookseller was keen to help, showing me what he had for sale, and explaining that some books were much cheaper than others because of state subsidies for Islamic texts.

Head to Head

As has become traditional in the lead-up to a federal election, the Australia/Israel Review posed a series of questions to Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd focusing on international security, the Middle East, and domestic polices of special interest to the Australian Jewish community.

Editorial: Mention the War

A few weeks ago, former High Court Chief Justice Sir Gerard Brennan told a Law Council of Australia conference that some incursions on individual freedom and the values of the common law as part of counter-terrorism laws may be essential to combat the risk of terror.

The Petraeus-Crocker Report: An Assessment

In mid-September, a series of congressional hearings and media interviews by Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the multinational forces in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, US Ambassador to Iraq, offered insights into the US strategy in Iraq, and several yardsticks by which future progress there may be evaluated.

Looking through Rosen-Coloured Glasses

"If you keep religion out of it, extremists will take over, was the message from Rabbi David Rosen, International President of the World Conference for Religions and Peace.

Bibilo File: Aly’s Appeal

Urbane and articulate, Waleed Aly is Australia's most accessible voice of the Muslim community. Married to a convert to Islam, the Melbourne born and educated lawyer, has worked up a tremendous profile in the media despite his relative youth.

Scribblings: Money for Nothing

There has been some controversy over $1 million in Saudi funding for Griffith University's Islamic Research Unit, following a story in the Australian on Sept. 17.