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Ed: 32: November/2007

AIR New Zealand: A hotbed of terrorism?

Footage of black-clad, armed police kicking down the door of a Wellington flat posted on TV3s website on the morning of Monday, October 15, was the first indication something strange was taking place in Aotearoa.

Media Microscope: Balance at the Age

British-based Palestinian writer and academic Ghada Karmi, in Australia recently giving talks at various universities, represents an extreme school of thought in relation to the peace process. Her solution¬Ě is that Israel should cease to exist as a Jewish state, being replaced with a single state, which obviously would have an Arab majority.

Editorial: Make Haste Slowly to Annapolis

While any positive movement in the peace process is to be welcomed, it is imperative that observers approach this meeting soberly. Raising impossible-to-meet expectations will ensure the meeting will result in failure.

The Last Word: The Fear Factor

When asked to speak at Melbourne International Conference on Counter Terrorism 2007: Counter Terrorism Policing and Culturally Diverse Communities, I explored a number of options in considering what I could most constructively contribute.

The Long Road to Annapolis

As for the substance of the meeting, initial talk of a major deal over the explosive issues of Jerusalem, refugees and final borders has given way to hints that the delegations will make do with a general declaration about broad aims, one that will avoid details and specific practical commitments.

Primary Colours

Though the US presidential election is still a year away, the Democratic and Republican primary campaigns have been in full swing for some time. And, owing to a new and severely front-loaded primary schedule beginning in January, the parties may know their nominee by mid-February.

Lebanon’s Government by Murder

Forty Lebanese members of parliament belonging to the pro-Western, anti-Syrian March 14 majority bloc currently reside in Tower 3 at Beiruts Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel... But the lawmakers are not guests; they are prisoners.

The Biblio File: The Usual Suspect

The villains in The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy are almost entirely Jewish. Many of the chapters of the book contain extensive lists of Jews (even Rothschilds) who, the authors claim, act against the best interests of the United States. And act effectively: the Israel lobby in this book is an invincible juggernaut.

Scribblings: A Bit of Perspective

Everyone knows that the Arab-Israel conflict is one of the bloodiest and most intense in the world, and this is the reason solving it will lead to great benefits for the whole world - from halting terrorism, to democratising the Middle East, to helping cure global warming - right?