Home Ed: 32: May/2007

Ed: 32: May/2007

Editorial: The Oldest Hatred Revisited

Australia is not exempt from many of the contemporary expressions of antisemitism ... The reality is that antisemitism has not disappeared. It may have just changed form, from explicit, crude expressions, to more subtle, thinly veiled quasi-intellectual arguments.

Starting to “Surge” in Iraq?

The new effort to establish security in Iraq has begun. At this early stage, the most important positive development is a rise in hostility to al-Qaeda in the Sunni community.

Biblio File: A Tough Crowd

Could Arab attitudes to the Holocaust be changing? "Not so fast," says Robert Satloff ... author of Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust's Long Reach into Arab Lands (Public Affairs, 2006). But he says there are positive signs.

Scribblings: Lies, Damns Lies and Statistics

he Arab minority of Israel is probably in the best position of any Arab population anywhere in the Middle East, in terms of overall economic prosperity and political and legal rights.

The Last Word: Solidarity with Dishonesty

Some years ago, a document produced and distributed by an Australian religious denomination caused upset, offence and outrage.