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Ed: 32: March/2007

The Last Word: The Great Paradox

Speaking at the recent Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism, in Jerusalem, Professor Robert Wistrich identified what he called "a stunning paradox". Â?Never before has it been so unacceptable to be antisemitic, yet at no time since 1945 have Jewish communities been so fearful of its eruption,Â? he argued.

Editorial: The Vital Distinction

AIJAC pulled out of our planned participation in the program of visiting Israeli Professor Raphael Israeli after he reportedly made controversial remarks about Muslim immigration and communities.

Unity Over Progress

The Fatah-Hamas agreement mediated by the Saudis in Mecca in the first week of February revives a long tradition in Palestinian politics of prioritising internal unity over progress toward strategic objectives.

Mounting Tensions

It began as a dramatic clash between Israeli sovereignty and Islamist militancy that quickly sparked local riots, regional condemnations and international alarm before being partially defused by an intervention of sorts on behalf of ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

Essay: Indecent Obsession

On December 12, 2006, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad personally brought to a close the infamous Holocaust deniers' conference in Teheran.

Scribblings: The “Culture of Bias” exposed

I have often written before about the "culture of bias" that exists in some media organisations, especially public broadcasters such as the ABC, SBS and their "Big Aunty", the BBC. But claims along these lines are generally dismissed by representatives and dedicated supporters of these organisations as attacking the integrity of journalistic professionals, or being too one-eyed to see the whole truth, as presumably the reporters do.

Media Microscope: Proudly anti-Israel Jews

We seem to be hearing more and more from an anything but silent minority of Jews who disagree with Israel or its policies, want to tell the world and, despite frequent claims that their views are suppressed, seem to have no problem doing so.