Home Ed: 32: June/2007

Ed: 32: June/2007

Editorial: Lessons Learned

The Winograd Committee's Interim Report, assessing Israel's performance in the first days of last year's Hezbollah-Israel conflict, has strongly criticised Israel's prime minister, defence minister and former military chief of staff for setting impossible-to-achieve objectives and for moving without adequate planning.

Judgement Day

Already beset by near-zero approval ratings, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was dealt a new blow in late April.

Reaching Critical Mass

The facts concerning the status of Iran's nuclear project are quite clear. Their implications are unequivocal. Yet there are those in the corridors of power who would lead us to believe that business is still as usual ...

French Revolution?

In an interview Nicolas Sarkozy gave in 2004, he expressed an extraordinary understanding of the need of the Jewish people for a home...

Europa Europa: Straying from the script

Europeans may be forgiven for wondering why the Palestinians have dropped off the media agenda. One reason is that Gaza has become a lot more dangerous for journalists...

The Last Word: Beyond Belief

I have no hesitation in stating that the "Death Series" of DVDs, featuring the dubious wisdom of Sheikh Feiz Muhammad, ooze hate and contempt and provide a rationale for terrorism.