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Ed: 32: July/2007

The Last Word: Mufti Days

The Australian Muslim community's misfortune is that it will operate in the shadow of Sheikh Taj a-Din al-Hilaly for many years to come.

Editorial: The Rise of Hamastan

The violent victory by Hamas in Gaza and brutal decisive break with the Fatah-controlled West Bank profoundly divides the Palestinian landscape and further complicates Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects.

The Second Six Day War

Hamas' victory over Fatah in six days of fighting - a second Six Day War - serves as a clarifying moment for the Middle East, a pivotal event that is characterised not only by dark clouds but also by potential silver linings.

Drip Feed

Water is the basic building block of life, but in Australia, up until recently, it has been largely taken for granted.

Canary in a Coal Mine

There is something of the 1960s slogan '?the personal is the political' in Ayaan Hirsi Ali'?s life story - a remarkable life that has formed the basis of her candid views on Islam, Muslims and the West.

Scribblings: Don’t Worry, be Happy

It surprises many people who know Israel mostly from the news headlines (and even some Israelis) but Israel remains one of the happiest countries in the world.

Media Microscope: Remembrance and Revisionism

On the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War, many journalists and commentators revisited the war and its consequences. While much coverage was reasonable, unfortunately many rewrote history, unfairly attacked Israel's occupation or claimed that the war damaged peace prospects.