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Ed: 32: January/2007

Last Word: Genocide incited, Genocide denied

In November, scholars and experts met in Berlin to discuss racism, genocide and antisemitism. In December, in Teheran, the same subject matter was on the table, but the discussants were cut from very different cloth.

Editorial: The ISG?s Unrealism

The bipartisan Iraq Survey Group (ISG) report to US President Bush set out the grim reality of the situation in Iraq and made some plausible, even if predictable and contested, recommendations about military strategy there. However it also includes two recommendations about wider Middle Eastern policy that are fundamentally flawed.

The ISG Unplugged

The theory of the thing is very peculiar indeed. You are in the middle of a war - a hard war, a war that is going badly. If the government has bogged down, if the people inside have gone stale, you would say that the sound thing ... would be, first, to fire a bunch of officials (generals as well as top civilians), promote or bring in fresh talent, and put together a small group of people to take a new and unillusioned look.

Strategic Realities: Lebanon and the Palestinians

When we talk about Lebanon, the truth is we do not know what the real score of the war was. We don't know because it is only chapter one of the war that is over, the Israeli-Hezbollah clash over south Lebanon and the Galilee. Chapter two of the war is the battle for Beirut.

Saying No to Jihad

People are punished for crime, for creating anarchy and for subjecting humanity to horrifying terror. But, could we ever believe that someone would be arrested, tortured and imprisoned for 17 long months just for being in favour of global peace, inter-faith dialogue and ending religious hatred?


Former US President Jimmy Carter has been widely slammed by reviewers for his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

AIR New Zealand: General-ly Surreal

Since the announcement that an Auckland District Court judge was issuing an arrest warrant for Israeli General (res.) Moshe Ya'alon, who was visiting New Zealand, life has felt rather surreal...