Home Ed: 32: August/2007

Ed: 32: August/2007

Media Microscope: The “Dateline” Line-up

The SBS TV current affairs flagship 'Dateline' tends to be a program on which the choice of guests and stories reflect the worldview of those who produce the show.

Editorial: Last Chance

Time is fast running out to avoid a terrible dilemma with respect to Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Five years after unveiling an ambitious vision for a reinvented Middle East, US President George Bush has adjusted his game plan to the region'?s rapidly shifting sands.

The Docs of War

Gordon Brown had barely got his feet under the desk at 10 Downing Street when he was confronted with the first major crisis of his leadership.

The Necessary Superpower

The Necessary Superpower

The United States' foreign policy in the Middle East is one of the most misunderstood subjects in the world, according to visiting US foreign policy expert Walter Russell Mead.

Biblio File: Paradise Road

Hamas is the focus of this book. The word is an anagram of the movement's more formal title, the Islamic Resistance Movement. It also translates as “zeal”.

Scribblings: Hamas Democracy?

Many commentators are postulating that Hamas remains popular with Palestinians despite recent events and could likely repeat last year's plurality election win if new elections are held.