Home Ed: 32: April/2007

Ed: 32: April/2007

Editorial: Clouds On The Horizon

After months of on-again off-again negotiations, threats and outright violence, on March 17, the two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, succeeded in forming a national unity government.

The Other Iraq

What a difference a year makes. Fourteen months ago I flew to Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, from Beirut, Lebanon, on the dubiously named Flying Carpet Airlines. Flying Carpet?s entire fleet is one small noisy plane with propellers, cramped seats, and thin cabin pressure.

The Return of the Mediator

The Return of the Mediator

The Review spoke to Ambassador Dennis Ross in May 2001, a bare six months after he was a central player in the US Clinton Administrations last-ditch attempt to create an Israeli-Palestinian peace in December 2000. At the time, he remained the unflappable diplomats diplomat, controlled and punctilious in speech.

Kadima’s struggle for survival

Kadima, the Israeli ruling party which only a year ago conjured vigour, vision and promise, is fighting for its life.

Europa Europa: Diplomatic Double-talk

There are two rules you must rigorously observe when listening to European officials declaim on the subject of Israel-Palestine: Turn your cynicism meter up high and take a lawyer along to decipher the language.

Media Microscope: Stephen Strikes Back

As mentioned last month, Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld appeared on Radio NationalÂ?s Â?Religion ReportÂ? to comment on the British and Australian Â?Independent Jewish VoicesÂ? groups. As Rosenfeld was critical of these groups, the following week, on Feb. 21, the program gave equal time to Tony Lerman, a supporter of the British group.