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Ed: 31: November/2006

The Last Word – Immoderate Moderates

You know it's not business as usual when prosecutors from one nation file a criminal indictment against another nation'?s chief of state. But that's precisely what happened in late October when Argentine authorities laid terrorism charges against former Iranian President Ali Akbar Rafsanjani.

Editorial – Two Crises

It has been an eventful month, even by the standards of 21st century global politics. At either end of the Asian continent, nuclear proliferators have cast sand into the gears of the global mechanism that is designed to prevent the spread of atomic weaponry.

Learning Lessons

North Korea's apparent test of a nuclear explosive culminates more than ten years of diplomatic failure, for which all of the world powers share blame.

Bad Neighbours

Hezbollah in South-East Asia

Taken for Granted

The problem with Australian terrorism research funding

Running From Iraq

Don't imagine it will reduce the jihadist threat

Scribblings – The Political Horseshoe Again

Antony Loewenstein, the anti-Zionist author who constantly pops up in the Australian media to complain about how he is supposedly being silenced by Zionists, rarely seems to miss an opportunity to declare that not only Israel, but anyone who disagrees with him about Israel, is racist.