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Ed: 31: May/2006

Editorial: The Axis of Terror

Those still arguing that Iran poses no danger to the outside world should take note of an article that ran on April 23 in London's Sunday Times. The paper reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took a breather from uttering verbal threats against Israel to go on a trip to see what he could do about putting those words into action.

Ends and Means

The establishment of the first Palestinian Islamic government constitutes the culmination of the "Green Revolution" that Hamas has led in recent years in the Palestinian Authority.

Iraq: A Report from the Front

At the commencement of military operations in Iraq in 2003, the threat on the ground was thought to come from the Iraqi Republican Guard.

A Particular Madness

Elected less than a year ago, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a president unlike any other. He is doing his utmost to alienate the entire West, mobilising as much military technology as possible...

Behind The News: Deaths down in Iraq

Despite the breathless predictions of an imminent civil war in Iraq, March and April have seen good news come from the beleaguered country.

The Last Word: Reflections On Genocide

On April 23 this year, I attended the annual ceremony at the Martyrs' Memorial in Sydney's Rookwood Cemetery, to recall and honour the memory of the victims of the Nazis.