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Ed: 31: March/2006

Editorial: What To Do About Hamas

One of the curious things about Hamas' stunning victory in January's Palestinian legislative election was that opinion polls all consistently showed a narrow to substantive win for the ruling Fatah party.

Zealots Rising

Hamas, the Arabic word for zeal, is the acronym of al-Harakat al-Muqawwama al-Islamiyyaâ??the Islamic Resistance Movement.

The Contenders

Israelis go to the polls on March 28 in what will clearly be a watershed election.

Books: Beirut Bob

No foreign journalist is more closely identified with the Middle East than the British writer Robert Fisk.

Europa Europa: Continental Drift

Europe's political elites had developed a nice line in serenity when confronted with the prospect of a Middle East meltdown.

Noted and Quoted: Islamist Terrorists, Democrats – same difference

After the Hamas election, some commentators implied, absurdly, that the Israeli right were the equivalent to Hamas...