Home Ed: 31: July/2006

Ed: 31: July/2006

Media Microscope: We Heard You. So What?

A feature of our democracy is that various interest groups lobby government, the press and others of influence to advance their particular viewpoint. This is generally uncontroversial...

The Last Word: Out Of His League

Eric Butler is dead. At one time, that simple statement of fact would have excited media commentary, and provided an opportunity for politicians to nail their colours to the mast on issues such as antisemitism, cultural diversity and Australian identity.

Editorial: The Clash

The dust has settled from the deadly explosion on a Gaza beach on June 9, and it is clear that Israel was not responsible for that tragedy.

Olmert’s uphill struggle

During four months as acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert cleverly avoided occupying his idolised predecessor's office, working instead from his previous location in the Trade and Industry Ministry, lest he seem to be wresting prematurely Israel's political sanctum of sanctums.

Looking over Jordan

Last month's summit between Israeli Prime Minister-elect Ehud Olmert and King Abdullah was primarily an "introductory meeting" between the two leaders.

A NGO Zone

On Sunday, June 11, a boycott of Israeli academics, which had been adopted a few weeks earlier by the UK University and College Lecturers Union (NATFHE), was lifted after the move threatened to derail a merger plan with the larger UK Association of University Teachers.

The Real Iraq

Spending time in the United States after a tour of Iraq can be a disorienting experience these days.

Scribblings: The Crucial Assymetry

It was interesting to note an exchange that took place between Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in the aftermath of the Gaza beach explosion that killed seven Palestinian civilians on June 9.