Home Ed: 31: February/2006

Ed: 31: February/2006

Scribblings: Withholding Taxes, finally

It was both heartening and disheartening to note that the EU finally agreed to withhold some funding to the Palestinian Authority on Jan. 17 because, officials said, the Authority had not met "benchmarks" for budgetary transparency.

Leading Lies

Writing in London's The Independent newspaper, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown urged Muslims to join in her country's national commemoration of the Holocaust.

Larger than Life

Ariel Sharon was the man other Israelis always relied on to do the heavy work, which they knew might well turn into dirty work. A minority admired him without reserve for his daring and ability. The majority were usually critical and dismissive.

Editorial: End of an Era

A new era has befallen Israel with the tragic end of the premiership of Ariel Sharon and the electoral victory of Hamas, which is openly wedded to Israel's destruction, in the Palestinian Authority.

All Shook Up

Kadima, Israel's infant centrist party led by Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is currently predicted by polls to win a major victory in the general elections on March 28.

Reality Bites

A few months ago I was invited by an embassy to meet a visiting delegation to discuss European policies toward Hamas and Hezbollah.

Poison Pen

Michael Leunig once wrote that 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' But I fear that the cartoonist would be as dead as one of his ducks in pyjamas if he attempted to defend himself against a suicide bomber by stabbing with his quill.

Essay: Breeding Ground

There is little doubt that the hard-core 21st century Left has cast its political lot with those who are agitating for Israel's disappearance from the map.