Home Ed: 31: December/2006

Ed: 31: December/2006

Media Microscope: Watching the Watchers

Campus Watch, an NGO established to monitor anti-Israel bias among academics at North American universities, has been particularly active at Columbia University, which has several strongly anti-Israel lecturers.

The Last Word: Enemies of the State

It is, unfortunately, not historically uncommon. A small Jewish community has developed a network of institutions providing a full and meaningful Jewish life, while being well-integrated and accepted into the broader society.

Editorial: First Things First

Outgoing British PM Tony Blair has been very compelling in explaining the reality of Islamist extremist terrorism and the need to counter its totalitarian ideology at its place of origin in the Middle East. He has also been a sincere friend of Israel.

The New Washington

The American political pendulum has swung again, this time depriving the Republicans of their majority in both houses, and casting a shadow over George W. Bush?'s Middle East policy, arguably the hallmark of his increasingly embattled presidency.

Going Ballistic

Although there have been limited missile sales by Russia and the Ukraine (to Iran), Pakistan (to Saudi Arabia) and China (to Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia), by far, the biggest supplier of missile technology to the Middle East is North Korea.

The Legacy of Londonistan

Five years ago, at the time of 9/11, British intelligence agents were identifying 250 "primary"? terrorist suspects a year in Britain. Two years later, the figure had doubled to 500. Last month, the head of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, said her intelligence agency was currently monitoring 1,600 suspects...

Knowing the Enemy

Who is the enemy, and what is this thing called "?jihadism" that everyone has been talking about?

Deconstruction Zone: Rundle’?s Factual Fumble

Readers might recall the stoush I had in Crikey.com some months ago with leftist Arena magazine editor Guy Rundle. My rumble with Rundle was triggered by a piece he wrote that accused the mainstream Zionist Haganah militia of masterminding the King David Hotel bombing in July 1946.