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Ed: 30: October/2005

Fresh Air?

"A breath of fresh air in the field of media and journalism for Muslims in Australia," is how Editor-in-Chief Sheikh Mohammed Omran described his new publication, Mecca News, when the first edition was released in August 2005. Omran is the controversial radical Muslim cleric who gained notoriety recently for suggesting that Islamic terrorists did not perpetrate the terrorist attacks on London and New York.

Books: Rose Coloured Glasses

Being assailed by one'?s ideological enemies is all in a day'?s work for a political writer. But when an author'?s ideological allies are forced to concede that a particular scribe has writing problems, the reader becomes aware that something must be seriously amiss.

Scribblings: UNreformable

The UN, which celebrated its 60th anniversary with a major international Summit in mid-September, embodies many of humanity's highest aspirations, particularly the peaceful resolution of conflict, universal human rights, and humanitarian intervention.

Killing Fields

To Jewish people, Kishinev, the capital of the modern, post-Soviet Republic of Moldova, will forever be linked with the horrific events of just over a century ago. In a nearby town, a Christian child'?s murderers, relatives of the victim, claimed that Jews had performed the evil deed as part of ritual practices.

Editorial: Disengagement Disappointments

Israel's disengagement from Gaza and the northern West Bank carries the potential to relaunch peace talks with the Palestinians and create the core of a larger Palestinian state. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon clearly implied as much at the UN on Sept. 15. However, Palestinian behaviour in recent weeks makes it look like the Palestinian streak of Ã?Â?Ã?Â?never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunityÃ?Â?Ã?Â? is set to continue.

Filling the Void

On September 12, the last departing Israeli forces closed the gates of Gaza behind them, followed by a salvo of Palestinian rockets aimed at southern Israel. In the unsettled aftermath of the Israeli disengagement from Gaza and parts of the northern West Bank, only one camp seems clearly to know where it is heading - the militant Palestinian Islamist groups, led by Hamas.


In the Middle East last month the cats came out of their bags. The truth is out, with teeth bared and claws flashing to reveal the direction of an extremism far too mainstream in the region. But first it is important to emphasise that the main problem in the area is not terrorism. Indeed, the concept of terrorism is starting to get in the way of understanding what is actually happening.

The Struggle for Islam

What public role should Islam play in the modern state? This is the central issue that dominates the struggle of ideas in the Muslim world today and Indonesia is no exception.

Eyes Abroad

Alexander Downer has served as Australia'?s minister for foreign affairs for nearly a decade. Recently, The Review interviewed him about Australia'?s role in Iraq and the wider Middle East, Islamic extremism in Southeast Asia, weapons proliferation, and UN reform.