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Ed: 30: June/2005

Party Games

Since the Lebanese branch of Hezbollah was created by Iran in 1982, it has metamorphosed from its early beginnings as a localised terrorist organisation into a significant armed presence in Lebanon that has demonstrated its ability to carry out terror attacks far beyond the borders of the Middle East. Today Hezbollah is the only armed force that controls a political party in Lebanon. For its supporters in Lebanon, Hezbollah is the sponsor of social welfare agencies that provide education, health care, employment, and other services. Hezbollah uses these institutions as a mechanism for indoctrination and a pool for recruiting new members.

Editorial: Endgame Iran & Crime and Punishment

It has all the drama of a Melbourne Cup, but it is infinitely more important. The outcome of a horse race can be measured in dollars and cents. We are witnessing a contest between a simmering grassroots yearning for democracy in Iran and an obsessive pursuit of nuclear weapons by the junta of Islamic extremists who rule that nation.

Dead Parrot

The negotiations attempting to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons are on the verge of collapse. Unless some new pretended arrangement is developed to conceal the fact, it should soon be clear that nothing stands between Teheran and the possession of atomic bombs except the final stages of technical development.

Old Wine, New Bottles

I find it shameful that in France, the France of "Liberty, equality, fraternity," synagogues are torched, Jews are terrorised, and their cemeteries profaned ... that in Holland and Germany and Denmark youngsters show off the kaffiyeh like the vanguard of Mussolini displayed the stick and Fascist emblem ... that in almost every European university, Palestinian students take over and nurture antisemitism. - Oriana Fallaci

DECONSTRUCTION ZONE: Can’t See the Heywood for the Trees

I am a free speech absolutist. In the tradition of J. S. Mill, I believe that the best antidote to bad speech is more and better speech. To my mind the free marketplace of ideas is the foundation-stone of democracy.