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Ed: 30: January/2005

Thin Is In

When Ariel Sharon breezed to a second term as Israel's Prime Minister in January 2003, I wrote on this page that despite the massive electoral victory, the 16th Knesset (parliament) would be a difficult, unwieldy ship to steer.

The Dissident and the President

During his nine-and-a-half years in the Soviet gulag, much of it in solitary confinement, Anatoly Sharansky withstood physical and psychological torture by maintaining a fierce belief in freedom and justice.

No Joke

LaRouche, 82, is glowering behind outsize eyeglasses. His hair is wispy on his prominent head. His shoulders stoop. Yet he still projects supreme self-assurance.

Books: Misreading Account

Years ago, when Peter Rodgers was Australia's ambassador to Israel, I saw him address the Institute of International Affairs in Melbourne. This was the age of the peace process, when Yasser Arafat condemned terrorists applauded in his own media...

Scribblings: A Deserving Laureate at Last

Since Arafat's death in November, there has been a lot of discussion about his legacy. While I do not want to go over the various arguments again here, there is an Israeli joke about Arafat that is going around and seems apropos to this controversy.

Lunar: The End of Pretence

Did you know that "political censorship of the Internet is almost upon us in Australia"? And remember the drastic changes to firearm laws following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre?