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An Australian-Israeli’s perspective

August 3, 2023 | Arsen Ostrovsky

(Top, left to right) Majdi Yunes Arawi, Ali Hani al-Ghoul, Nur al-Din Husam Marshoud, (bottom) Ashraf Murad Saadi, Abdulrahman Hasan Ahmad Hardan

Scribblings: Children’s Stories

August 3, 2023 | Tzvi Fleischer

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Media Microscope: Back in the Lyons den

August 2, 2023 | Allon Lee

One of the most widely shared antisemitic posts that have appeared as part of the Voice debate (Twitter screenshot)

“The Jews are behind it!”

August 2, 2023 | Aviva Winton

Israel’s new enhanced border barrier (top) thwarts Hezbollah’s plans, so the terror group is using a tent camp at Har Dov (bottom) to try to get leverage to stop the barrier’s construction (Images: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Hezbollah’s provocations on Israel’s border

August 2, 2023 | Ron Ben-Yishai

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

IDF now in uncharted territory

August 1, 2023 | Yaakov Lappin

Armaments seized in Jenin (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Behind the News – August 2023

August 1, 2023 | AIJAC staff

Foreign Minster Penny Wong, shown with AIJAC National Chairman Mark Leibler, is a serious person who understands the importance of serious policy development instead of virtue signalling

The Last Word: A Bad “State” of Affairs

August 1, 2023 | Jeremy Jones

Coalition lawmakers celebrate the passage of their Bill, while huge protests continue (Images: Twitter, Shutterstock)

Age of “Reasonableness?”

August 1, 2023 | David Makovsky

Protesters against the law limiting court power in Haifa, July 2023 (Image: Shutterstock)

Editorial: Cooling the Controversy

August 1, 2023 | Colin Rubenstein

Mahmoud Abbas (left) and Ehud Olmert during one of their 36 meetings in 2007 and 2008 (Image: GPO/ Isranet)

Essay: The Third Rejection

June 30, 2023 | Salo Aizenberg

Israel's Arab minorities have grown steadily along with the country’s overall population (Image: Matty Stern/ Flickr)

Deconstruction Zone: Israel’s Minority Report

June 30, 2023 | Hussain Abdul-Hussain