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Ed: 36: July/2011

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The Last Word: Ten Years On

The Last Word: Ten Years On Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism     Author: Jeremy Jones

Ten years ago, I wasn't in Iran. While there have been many other times when I haven't been in that country (actually, I have never been there), the 2001 non-visit was significant then and relevant a decade later. The murderous terrorist outrages of September 11 that year are etched into the public

The Continuing Quest for Justice

The Continuing Quest for Justice Categories: Holocaust/ War Crimes     Author: Efraim Zuroff

In bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, I sometimes encounter a certain amount of scepticism. I divide these sceptics into two groups. The smaller group is ideologically opposed to prosecuting Nazis. The larger group wonders whether, so many years after the war, the effort to hold to account th

AusAid, Apheda and BDS - Part 2

AusAid, Apheda and BDS - Part 2 Categories: Australasia, Palestinians     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

An article in last month's AIR entitled "Are Australian Tax Dollars indirectly funding BDS?" looked at revelations from the October 2010 Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee - Budget Supplementary Estimates Committee hearings which suggested that it was possible that Austr

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"Land Swaps" and the 1967 lines

"Land Swaps" and the 1967 lines Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Dore Gold

When US President Barack Obama first made his controversial reference to the 1967 lines as the basis for future Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on May 19, 2011, he introduced one main caveat that stuck out: the idea that there would be "mutually agreed swaps" of land between the two sides. He added

Sick No More

Sick No More Categories: Middle East, Turkey     Author: Amotz Asa-El

"The sick man of Europe," is what one Russian Tsar called the declining Ottoman Empire, alluding to its rapidly shrinking domains and ballooning debts. Today, less than a century after the Ottoman Caliphate was succeeded by a post-imperial, secularist, and introverted republic, Turkey is reassertin

All in the Family

All in the Family Categories: Syria     Author: Douglas Davis

In the absence of free speech and a free press (among other political mod-cons) in Syria, Hafez al-Assad and then his son, Bashar, have cultivated the convenient habit of transacting business in the shadows, advancing and protecting - brutally, when necessary - the interests of the family and their

Syria's Business

Syria's Business Categories: Syria     Author: Jacques Neriah

The world has gotten accustomed since mid-March to reports of wide unrest sweeping Syria. Unlike Egypt and Tunisia but very much like in Libya, the Syrian regime has chosen to confront the "Arab Spring" with armed repression, including tanks, helicopter gunships and missile boats - thus provoking, l


Asia Watch: New Broom Categories: Asia, Terrorism     Author: Michael Shannon

With Malaysian Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim still detained by a farcical trial and Prime Minister Najib Razak's sclerotic UMNO-led coalition firmly in control, the entrenched political stalemate could yet be upset from a surprising direction. Long viewed as a promoter of fundamentalist Islam in p

Scribblings: From Assad to Assad Categories: Middle East, Palestinians, Syria     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

British journalist and author Malise Ruthven has written an article for the New York Review of Books, later re-published in the Australian Financial Review (June 17), examining the history of Syria in the wake of the recent unrest, and especially the domination of the country by the minority Alawite

Editorial: The Perils of Unilateralism Categories: International Security, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

This September, the Palestinian Authority (PA) intends to go to the United Nations to seek support for a unilateral declaration of a sovereign Palestinian state - a move that will intensify rather than end the conflict, setting the entire peace process back by years if not decades. Having shunned r

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