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Ed: 36: May/2011

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Essay: Recognition Condition Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tal Becker

Amid efforts to relaunch and sustain Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Israel's claim for recognition as a Jewish State continues to generate controversy. While Israel's leaders have insisted that such recognition is fundamental to any peace agreement, Palestinian and other Arab leaders have responde

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Bahrain, Iran and US Policy

Bahrain, Iran and US Policy Categories: Gulf states, Iran, Middle East, Saudi Arabia     Author: Simon Henderson

Neither Saudi Arabia - which bankrolls much in Bahrain, from items on the national budget to King Hamad's personal Boeing 747-400 aircraft - nor the UAE seem amenable to the notion of Bahrain being a test case for the Obama Administration's policy of promoting universal freedoms of political express

Misunderstanding Assad

Misunderstanding Assad Categories: Syria     Author: Tony Badran

These starry-eyed, bewildered justifications of the regime's current response are due to the fact that the majority of observers hold the belief that Assad is indeed a "reformer". Seen through this lens, Assad's actions would indeed appear baffling. Why wouldn't this "reformist" President simply ref

September Song

September Song Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Netanyahu has been under pressure from some of his aides to preempt the Palestinian initiative with a diplomatic plan of his own. If he has indeed been working on such a plan, the Prime Minister has been doing a good job keeping it secret.

Goldstone's Regrets Categories: International Security, Palestinians     Author: Tal Becker

In significant contrast to his initial report, Goldstone now asserts that civilians were not intentionally targeted by Israel as a matter of policy during the Gaza campaign and that estimates of Palestinian civilian casualties may have been exaggerated.

Scribblings: A Rocket from Nowhere?

Scribblings: A Rocket from Nowhere? Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

There was no possible mistake; the Hamas operative who fired it hit exactly what he was aiming at - a clearly identifiable, distinctively yellow school bus. This was not a weapon Hamas could ever hope to manufacture for itself in Gaza. In fact, the Kornet is made only in Russia by KBP Industries, a

Editorial: A Belated Recantation

Editorial: A Belated Recantation Categories: Israel, NGOs, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Probably no document in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict has done more damage to the reputation of Israel, nor contributed more to the international campaign to boycott and delegitimise it, than the Goldstone Report. That is why Justice Goldstone's mea culpa in a Washington Post op-ed on 1 A

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