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Ed: 30: May/2005

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Remembrance Categories: Australasia, Europe, International Jewry     Author: Jeremy Jones

When plans were underway for the first visit to Australia by Pope John Paul II, in 1986, the Vatican made an unprecedented offer to the Australian Jewish community. During the Sydney leg of the visit, time would be specifically allocated for dialogue between the Executive Council of Australian Jewr

The Shadow of Hostilities Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: External author

The countdown to disengagement began after Ariel Sharon'?s victories in two decisive Knesset votes in early April - the passing of the budget and the dumping of the referendum bill. However, since then, too many people are behaving as if the last hurdles have already been overcome, and that the morn

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The Opportunity Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United States     Author: External author

After four-and-a-half years of terror and violence, the proverbial stars seem to be aligned for a new push for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Unlike his predecessor, the newly elected Palestinian Authority (PA) president, Mahmoud Abbas, stresses the importance of peaceful problem s

Editorial: The Long, Hot Summer Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

According to Jewish Rabbinic tradition, the Second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed as a result of sinat chinam (groundless hatred) between Jews. As the divide between supporters and opponents of the imminent disengagement from Gaza continues to grow, it would be well worth reminding the more impet

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