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Ed: 35: December/2010

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Egypt's Year of Decision Categories: Egypt     Author: Yehonathan Tommer

Egypt's presidential election is still a year off. However, by October 2011, ailing President Hosni Mubarak will be 83 and have ruled the Land of the Pharaohs continuously for 30 years. But whether he steps down, tries to hold on for another term, or passes from the scene before a successor is appoi

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Former firebrand gets burned Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Hanegbi emerges from the ruling politically wounded but alive. Though he has lost any chance of ever becoming prime minister, the court's failure to give him a jail sentence means Hanegbi can run for the next Knesset and possibly return to a cabinet position.

The Forgotten Jews Categories: International Jewry, Israel, Middle East     Author: David Harris

I am a forgotten Jew. My roots are nearly 2,600 years old, my ancestors made landmark contributions to world civilisation, and my presence was felt from North Africa to the Fertile Crescent - but I barely exist today. You see, I am a Jew from the Arab world.

Scribblings: Firing Offence Categories: Anti-Zionism, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Whitley carefully specified he was not presenting UNRWA's political position, and made clear his primary concern was the current welfare of the generations of Palestinians still living in a "state of limbo" more than 60 years after their ancestors left what is today Israel. But his remarks noneth

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