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Ed: 35: October/2010

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The Last Word: Wilful Blindness Categories: Antisemitism, International Jewry     Author: Jeremy Jones

The magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in the centre of Strasbourg, France, is deservedly on the itineraries of most visitors to the city. On the outer facade of the cathedral there are two statues of idealised young women - Ecclesia and Synagoga, in place for almost 800 years. Ecclesia, representing

Essay: The Naqba Obsession Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Sol Stern

The Naqba is the heart of the Palestinians' backward-looking national narrative, which depicts the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 as the original sin that dispossessed the land's native people. Every year, on the anniversary of Israel's independence, more and more Palestinians (including Ar

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Galant, Commander Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Sailor, tempest, and sin were also actors in the country's real life drama on the eve of the new Jewish year as Maj.Gen. Yoav Galant was nominated as the 20th Chief-of-Staff of the Israel Defence Force (IDF). The power wielded by the Israeli chief-of-staff (COS) is exceptional in the free world. In

Moral Victory

Moral Victory Categories: Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism, United States     Author: Walter Russell Mead

And the Sunni Arabs of Iraq made a choice. They saw al-Qaeda at its best - volunteer freedom fighters come from around the world to fight for them - and they saw America at its worst, incompetent, insensitive, vacillating and violent. And they chose the United States. They decided that the future of

Capitalising on Low Expectations Categories: Palestinians     Author: Michael Weiss

A year ago, Fayyad introduced a two-year plan for laying down the armature of a future Palestinian state with an emphasis on economic development, security and bureaucratic housecleaning. The goal was to end the corrupt, Tammany-style system of patronage that formerly defined the Palestinian Authori


Beyond the Summit Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Michael Herzog

The launch on Sept. 2 of direct Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations after 15 months of relentless groundwork marks the third attempt in a decade to resolve the outstanding core issues pertaining to a two-state solution. Many on both sides question whether Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Pre

Editorial: Something to Talk About Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The looming expiration of the settlement building freeze poses a dilemma for Netanyahu. While politically he cannot deliver the complete cessation of all building over the 1949 armistice lines the Palestinians are demanding, he can probably limit building to the settlement blocs most observers expec

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