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Ed: 30: April/2005

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DECONSTRUCTION ZONE: Middle East Ostriches Categories: Iraq, Middle East     Author: Ted Lapkin

During the 1950s, Stanford psychologist Leon Festinger studied a small religious cult that was preaching a doctrine of impending global apocalypse. The appointed hour of doom came and went, and the rhythms of normal life continued without pause.

The Hatred Files Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia     Author: Jeremy Jones

In January 2004, a prominent Christian leader in Sydney invited Jews and Muslims involved in Interfaith Dialogue to observe a Church service before adjourning for the opportunity to engage informally with his congregation and with each other.

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A Democratic Momentum Categories: Iraq, Middle East     Author: External author

Anyone with experience of the Arab Middle East will have found a civilisation that does not know what to do with itself. Freedom and democracy have been unknown quantities. The manners and grace of the past are almost irrecoverable.

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