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Ed: 34: December/2009

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Essay: Somalia's al-Shabaab Categories: Africa, Islamic Extremism, Somalia     Author: Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The biggest threat emanating from Somalia comes from a different source: an ongoing lack of internal order has left the country vulnerable to the rise of hard-line Islamist groups, of which the latest is al-Shabaab (the youth), which rose from obscurity to international prominence in less than two y

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Law unto Himself? Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Israel's attorney-general is hardly known abroad, but a brouhaha surrounding his powers now threatens to undo Binyamin Netanyahu's young government, under circumstances he apparently did not foresee.

The Unilateral Fallacy Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Alan Baker

The scene is currently being set by the Palestinians for a strong and even dramatic point of entry into either bilateral negotiations or perhaps a sharp diplomatic turn toward a unilateral strategy for Palestinian statehood.

At an impasse? Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United States     Author: Robert Satloff

How is it possible that a US administration that came to office committed to the pursuit of Arab-Israeli peacemaking is today further from even getting the parties to talk with each other than at almost any point since the peace process began at the Madrid conference more than 18 years ago?


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